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Support of the business deal for the creative works

"I don't know how to deal with this despite I did create the great one"
"I always got disadvantageous deal whenever negotiating with the other party."
CEO, Yoshiro Kataoka and other experienced members solve such concerns and achieve the great business deal with your domestic or foreign clients.

Outsource of the contract administrative work
It is generally understood that it is difficult to hire the excellent person at a control department and make him or her work effectively if your company is not well known yet or your company is relatively small size. Though the agreements which relate to the business deal of creative works should be dealt with the professional who acknowledge intellectual property rights rather than the professional knowing general laws, it frequently happens that the company assigns such business deal to the latter professional. Haven't you ever think it is effective to outsource such IP related tasks than you process to hire the new person?

ALSO, we recommend to outsource the professional work to Contra if your company does have some business deal but this is temporary situation and the quantity of administrative work are not much as hiring the permanent employee. The members of Contra, experiencing animation, music, game, advertising, information technology, are welcome to you.

Create the document relating to the business deal and negotiate with your counterparty
we provide the services for creating and negotiating the agreements of the IP related products, licensing or joint venture etc. When your resource is limited, outsourcing to Contra as necessary is efficient for your business and cost effective.

Translation, Localization

Document - Languages - Japanese, English, and Korean
We provide the translation, proofreading or summarization of the contract, letter or critical documents.

Localization of creative works
Languages - Japanese and English.

Consult how to promote the attractive works and help the digital marketing

Contra backup your business by the promotion, advertising and marketing for the creative works or creating your URL or materials for such activities.

Administrative work for Copyright, Trademark and other IP rights.

Experienced member provide the service - IP management or will be the agent for the payment regarding Copyright, Trademark or any other IP rights.

Consulting and the Seminar Lecturer

Contra provide the general consulting to the entertainment company, serve the seminar lecturer and plan and operate the seminar organized by your company.