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Corporate Philosophy

Manga & Anime works originated by Japan got the position in the world, the people having pure mind react and excite to them, and these contents are default entertainment for the young people worldwide.
Triggering the spread of Japanese Manga & Anime globally, any works rooted by Japanese indigenous culture, such as Game, Music, Fashion and Food, began launching out into the global market

Contra supports your business no matter domestic or worldwide, from the produce to the preservation of the rights, from the usage of the works to the sales, aiming the Japanese oriented creative works will expand more deeply and perpetuity in the any country by any chance.

Contra's missions are supporting
all people's talent and the works, who create the works, will obtain more attention in the society,
all people's life, who deal with the business of the works, will be more affluence, and
all people's heart, who enjoy the creative works, will be more happy,
via the business activity.

Code of Conduct

Respect for the creators
We understand all creative works are made by the persons. Our businesses are based on their existence and their creativities. Therefore, we always work with the sense of reputation for them.

Promote utilization and protection of copyrighted works
Works becomes worthy once coming into real use. Our business purpose is that the creative works are prevailed and have strong holds on the public. During such time, we need to keep our eyes that the works are utilized lawfully and the owners of the works obtain the decent economical earnings.

Fair Trade, Transaction
The transaction of creative works is done on the basis of Economic Principle, the meeting of supply and demand. However, this trade should be mutually beneficial, the supply side and receiver side because the works should have people spiritual happiness. We always keep in mind the fair trade rather than our benefit.

Global viewpoint
There is no border line in the internet society. To facilitate the utilization and distribution of the creative works globally, we always keep our eyes on the foreign creative works as well as domestic works in Japan.

Our Business Area

Medias of Utilization Territory
1 TV Broadcast (Terrestrial、Satellite、Cable Channel) Worldwide
2 Internet Distribution (Streaming, Downloadable) Worldwide
3 Package Soft (DVD、Blue-ray、CD、Game) Worldwide
4 Merchandise (Character Commercialization・Advertising, Promotion or Promotional Use) Worldwide
5 Publication (Book, Comic, e-books) Worldwide
6 Movie (on the screen, off the screen) Worldwide
7 Performance(Music Live, Musical, Theater, Opera) Worldwide
8 Any Other Utilization of creative works Worldwide

Types of Agreement Languages
1 Sub-contract (development, produce, consulting, agent) Japanese/English
2 License (Merchandize, Package, Distribution) Japanese/English
3 Performance (booking, exclusive engagement) Japanese/English
4 Joint Undertaking (Movie, Animation, Game, Event) Japanese/English
5 Assignment & Delegation (rights and obligation assignment) Japanese/English
6 Joint Venture (Project, Production) Japanese/English
7 Music License (Mechanical, Performance, Publishing, Trust agreement with Mechanical or Performance Right Organization) Japanese/English
8 Movie License (Original, Producer, Director, Script, All Rights License) Japanese/English
9 Advertising (Sponsorship, Support) Japanese/English
10 Any other type of agreement for creative works Japanese/English


CEO - Yoshiro Kataoka
Yoshiro Kataoka Academic: Graduated Keio University BA in Law

1969.4-1982.5 Tokyu Agency Inc.
1982.5-2000.9 ASATSU-DK INC. Contents Planning Director
2000.10-2009.12 Marvelous Entertainment Inc ( Marvelous Inc. now) Director
2009.12-2013.10 DWANGO Co., Ltd.  Executive Officer
2013.11 HYPER Japan  Counselor

・Achievement during the affiliation of ASATSU DK and Marvelous –
The creation and operation of Anime Production Committee method, Anime planning, production and merchandise, creation of movie package or overseas sales, and direction of the secondary use and copyright management of the creative works.

・Participation of the following production as Anime Producer –‘Touch’, ‘High School! Kimengumi’, ‘Mushishi’, ‘Gunslinger Girl’, HUNTER×HUNTER’ ‘Hime-chan’s Ribon’, ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters’, ‘Home Teacher Hitman Reborn’, ‘Bokura Ga Ita’, CAPETA’, ‘Whistle’, ‘Ahita Tenki Ni Nare’, ‘Kiteretsu Daihyakka’, ‘This Is the Police Box in Front of Kameari Park, Katsushika Ward’

Achievement as Musical Producer –
‘The Prince of Tennis’, ‘HUNTER×HUNTER’, ‘Air Gear’, ‘DEAR BOYS’, Saint Seiya’, Akazukin Cha Cha’, ‘Misuiro Generation’, ‘Shoujo Kakumei Utena’. He created and produced the genre of ‘Anime Manga Musical’, musicals originated by Anime Manga, which now become the important parts of animation business.

Achievement at Dwango –
Musicalized vocaliod songs, ‘WhiteFlame’, ‘Cantalella’ and produced re-musicalized ‘Bishojo Sensi Sailor Moon’. Additionally, worked for the monetization of the paid broadcasting of live performance, the planning of public live program of the young actors via Nico Nico Doga Streaming system (‘Net Tickeg’), animationalized net Manga, distribution of TV Animation works via internet, and helped for Japan Convention to exhibit overseas and distribution of the live streaming distribution worldwide.

At Japan 2.5 Dimension Musical Association –
Later on, he planned and established Japan 2.5 Dimension Musical Association aiming to the worldwide standardization of Manga Anime Originated Musical. As advisor, he supported to expand and develop the Manga Anime parts of ‘HYPER JAPAN’, cool Japan event at London, UK.

Now, he is actively working for the worldwide development of Japanese Manga Anime Culture.

Director – Nachihiko Sato
Nachihiko SatoAcademic: Graduated from Hosei University BA in Law

1965.4-1970.9 Nanbokusha, Inc. Sales Representative
1970.10-2002.6 Asahi-tsushin, Co., Ltd. (ADK, Inc.)
Sales Rep, Chief of Bureau of Contents Promotion
1997.4-2000.3 NAS (Subsidiary of ADK) Director
2009.12-2013.10 DWANGO Co., Ltd.  Executive Officer
2003.1-2007.12 Marvelous Entertainment(Marvelous Inc.)Director

He began his career as Sales Representative at Nanbokusha and ADK (both are advertising agencies). He was in charge of Contents Promotion work from 1986. At ADK and NAS, he dealt with the domestic or international rights management, such as copyright or other property rights, and derivative use for the animation films which were produced by ADK or NAS for the program of network TV. After moving to Marvelous, he was the same business as previously as a Director.

Legal Specialist Junko Ishibashi
 Junko Ishibashi Graduated Waseda University (BA in Economics) and Chuo University (BA in Law). Worked at Pony Canyon (Record Label) and Cosmo Communications (Advertising Agency). In 2000, entered Cardozo School of Law (in NY), Intellectual Program. Still stay in NY after graduation and dealt with work for the establishment of Internet Radio Station by preparation of Server, got permission of the rights organization, or character licensing agreement. After obtaining certification for Entertainment Marketing Course at NYU in 2003, went back to Tokyo. Since then, dealing with contract drafting, negotiation or litigation at Entertainment Industry, such as Griot (Music Production) and Hudson Soft (Game company merged by Konami Group) and IT industry, such as Thomson Reuters and IT industry, such as Thomson Reuters and Oracle. Licensed Solicitor in Japan (Gyosei Shoshi).

Company Information

Name Contra, Inc.
Address Kichijoji-honcho 1-25-10, KS Bldg. 3rd Flo. Musashino-shi, Tokyo 180-0004, Japan
Members CEO  Yoshiro Kataoka
Director Nachihiko Sato
Establishment September 1, 2014
Capital JPY 4,000,000
Bank Accounts Misuho Bank, Shinjuku Shintoshin Branch
Risona Bank, Shinjuku Shintoshin Sales Dept.